The Vegetable Moonsamy by Jennifer Munro – Ebook



A seemingly innocent and naive Indian vegetable seller falls in love with a politically-unaware white society lady and has great hope for the future based on his faith in Gandhi, Mandela and Ella Fitzgerald.

A hilarious romp through the colourful world of South Africa’s Indian community during the tumultuous transition from the whites-only apartheid years to the dawning of Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation.
Sadhil Moodley (The Vegetable Moonsamy) is a magical vegetable seller who falls in love, across the colour bar, with the pale and interesting Julia Stretch. He sets out to awaken not only her sensual self, but also her political conscience. She is stuck in a loveless marriage with a hypocritical and pompous lawyer from an ‘Old Durban Family’.
Ella Fitzgerald said: “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s where you’re going that counts”.
Both main characters find themselves coming from vastly different backgrounds and going to unexpected but delightful places, both in and out of the bedroom. Leaping over the race laws, the social norms, and the boundaries set by religion and parents, they take the reader on a magical journey through post-apartheid South Africa.


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