In this book, Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro have created an easy to follow and colourful method for analysing skin and designing an Action Plan. It is sophisticated information delivered in a simple way!

You will be guided, step-by-step, into the Skin Analysis Funnel to look at Skin Groups, Skin Types and Skin Conditions and learn how to record customer data in a way that provides a visual progress record. Find out how to take the best photographs, how to interpret analysis results and how to help your customer to have the best skin possible.

The Questionnaire has been carefully organised to provide you with relevant, revealing information that you can use to understand why Conditions have arisen, what to avoid in treatment and how to care for your customer.

Dr Des Fernandes has shared all his secrets in an ingenious Ingredients and Treatments Selector, making it easy for you to choose what to offer your customers for their particular Group, Type and Conditions. Clinical photographs make it easy to identify problems and you will learn the value of the Skin Analysis tools.

Skin Analysis is the foundation stone of good skin therapy. It informs everything you do with your customer and helps to build customer loyalty. Get more analytical with Skin Analysis – The Practical Guide!

If you want more detailed information and templates, you will be able to download these after purchase or we can send them to you. There is a blank Questionnaire, an Interpretation Chart, An Ingredients and Treatments Selector, A Sample Customer Record Card and several Key Facts sheets.

Skin Analysis – The Practical Guide is the next best thing to having a Skin Specialist in the room with you when you analyse your customers’ skin.



Size :210mm X 296 mm

RRP: £20.00

No. of pages: 108 pages

Weight: 200 gms

ISBN: 978-1-9160348-8-4

Jennifer Munro is an author and marketing expert. Her long-standing friendship with Dr Fernandes has made it possible for her to interpret his research in a user-friendly way.