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This book is dedicated by the authors to, ‘All l those current and future practitioners in the aesthetic industry who continue to strive for excellence’. Whether you own a one woman or man aesthetics business or a thriving medi spa, this book will inspire and inform you.

What’s inside?

  • Over 300 pages of wise advice, examples and practical know-how
  • Marketing tips and ideas for aesthetics businesses
  • Advice on employment and staff management
  • Building client loyalty
  • How to grow revenue
  • Tax for salons
  • What place does science play in the aesthetics industry?
  • Insights into ingredients and their effect on the skin
  • Skin Conditions
  • Treatments – what works, what doesn’t
  • How to buy equipment and what to buy
  • What to think about when choosing product ranges
  • Trends in the industry – past and present
  • Myth debunking

The authors, Carol and Rob Trow have worked in the aesthetics industry for over twenty years. They are the owners of DermaConcepts, a hugely successful business that wholesales leading brands to the top end of the market. They have written hundreds of articles for publication in a variety of industry magazines, and this book collates those articles into readable and informative material. Their knowledge of the industry is in-depth and proven.

Buy this book if you need inspiration, advice or information from two people who talk fluent aesthetician.

Book Bundles! From Professor Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen

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Dr Des Fernandes Books

From Professor Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen

Two of the world’s leading experts on the subject of skin health share their knowledge of Vitamin A in this small but mighty book aimed more at skin professionals than the general public. The book explains some of the complex science behind this vital ingredient for skin health and clarifies why Retinyl Palmitate is the ideal topical form of Vitamin A to help repair and prevent photoaging.


You will learn about the chemistry of Vitamin A, see some clinical studies from Professor Fernandes’s own practice and read some general discussion of the topic. The many myths that surround Vitamin A are soundly busted by science; all clearly referenced and indexed. You will get answers to those difficult questions about the safety of Vitamin A and pregnancy, the efficacy of the ingredient against skin aging and the risks associated with its use. The various forms of Vitamin A are illustrated, and their usage explained. The two doctors discuss how Vitamin A plays a role in sunscreens in maintaining the delicate balance of Vitamin D production in the skin against the risk of skin cancer.


All this vital information is available to skin professionals so that it can be shared with patients and clients to promote the benefits of healthier skin.

Available as an Ebook and a printed book!



In order to understand which ingredients to use for a client’s skin, it’s important to know how they behave in the skin and why they are able to make changes (if they are). Simply saying, ‘improves the visible signs of aging’ is no longer enough for a wary and well-educated public that asks ‘how’ and ‘why’. 

This book lays out the chemistry, and some of the research, behind the most efficacious and important ingredients for the skin and explains the processes and chemical reactions that the ingredients undergo once they have been released on the skin. The book’s aim is to provide accurate, scientific information in a simple and easy to read way.



Dr Des Fernandes and renowned author of several books on skin science says: “I think the worst mistake made by doctors is to think that all cosmetic creams are useless.  Of course, most cosmetics do not contain active doses of effective ingredients, but doctors should be aware of products that do.”

Dr Ernst Eiselen, co-author of ‘Vitamin A Skin Science’, says: “The science of vitamin A in human existence provides the story of how stem cells in the skin are able to maintain good skin, or repair damaged skin. The information is accurate, accessible and entirely evidence based.  Not much mystery surrounds the actions of Vitamins A, C and E in the dynamics of skin structure and physiology. This is skin science – not skin science fiction.”

Available as an ebook and a printed book!

The long-awaited digital version of the Skin Analysis System is here! Watch the video or start a free trial at www.skinscienceauthority.com/signup



Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro discuss Skin Analysis

All of Dr Des Fernandes skincare books are published by Fernro Publishing Ltd.

Science doesn’t have to be confusing! These books demystify the science of skincare so that everybody can read them and learn from them.

Our latest book, Skin Analysis – a Practical Guide, is for serious skincare therapists who want to make a significant difference to their customer’s skin, and retain their customers through the full skin transformation journey and on into the future.

By Terri Wojak

Do you own a skin care business or are you an esthetician wishing for new opportunities? Discover the business, treatments and skills needed to work in a medical setting.

Estheticians have an increased value to the medical profession now more than ever. The role of the esthetician in a clinical setting be it surgical consultation, medi-spa, or general practice office is a fast-growing one. Pre- and post-operative care is oftentimes a secondary concern, despite the fact that it is absolutely crucial to the overall health and well-being of the patient/client and a requisite regimen toward realizing the results desired or promised from the medical procedure. Demand continues to grow for non-surgical services including chemical peels and microdermabrasion. In addition, physicians are offering cosmetic treatments, pre-and post-surgical treatments, and skin care products. For the esthetician and medical professional alike, this book emphasizes a working philosophy that esthetic treatment should benefit the mental and emotional well-being of the patient/client, along with healing the body.
In eight well-organized sections comprising 32 chapters, Wojak discusses topics that include:
The Science of Beauty
Regulatory Implications to Treatment and Proper Documentation Procedures
Common Skin Conditions, including but not limited to Acne, Rosacea, and Age-compromised Skin
LED and IPL Therapy
Understanding Ingredients and Products in Order to Make Proper Recommendations and Applications
Microneedling and Microcurrent
Advanced Esthetic Treatments, such as Dermaplaning and Chemical and Oxygen Treatments
Techniques for Building Your Esthetic Business and Client Roster
And more…

Authors:  Dr Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen


Vitamin A Skin Science is the combined knowledge of two dedicated and experienced medical practitioners whose firm belief in the beneficial properties of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants for the skin has led them to share this vital information with the world. It is the result of many years of intensive research in both the laboratory and private practice. The book lays out, in detail, how these humble, but critical substances can repair the skin, strengthen it and boost its immunity to disease.


The information in this book will change the way skin professionals treat and deal with skin problems. It is essential reading for Dermatologists, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses, Aesthetic Physicians, General Practitioners and Beauty Therapists.

Authors:  Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro


A simple little book, based on science, that busts all the myths about skincare, and shows you what you really need to make better skin. Your Skin Factory is written by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and expert on vitamin therapy for the skin, and Jennifer Munro an author who has interpreted his research for ordinary people.


“Dr Fernandes is a true visionary and pioneer in the field of cosmetic medicine and this book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the health and appearance of their skin.” Olivia Falcon, Editor, Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide.

Authors: Dr Des Fernandes, Dr Matthias Aust and Jennifer Munro


A journey into the world of skin needling from two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject and, in the case of Dr Fernandes, the pioneer of the technique for regenerating skin and improving scars.


Accessible science at its best! Remarkable pictures of actual case studies from the doctors’ own practices fill the book with hard to believe evidence of the simple procedure that can improve scars until they are almost invisible and reverse aging of the skin.


This book is for anyone who has ever wondered how the process works and whether it is for them or not. It is not suitable for skin specialists – it’s written as a simple guide for the general public.



The first in our new mini ebook series –


Collect these snippets of research, wisdom and knowledge from Dr Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen and enjoy the pure scientific documentation and reference system.

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