Retinyl Palmitate by By Prof. Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen – Ebook



Two of the world’s leading experts on the subject of skin health share their knowledge of Vitamin A in this small but mighty book aimed more at skin professionals than the general public. The book explains some of the complex science behind this vital ingredient for skin health and clarifies why Retinyl Palmitate is the ideal topical form of Vitamin A to help repair and prevent photoaging.


You will learn about the chemistry of Vitamin A, see some clinical studies from Professor Fernandes’s own practice and read some general discussion of the topic. The many myths that surround Vitamin A are soundly busted by science; all clearly referenced and indexed. You will get answers to those difficult questions about the safety of Vitamin A and pregnancy, the efficacy of the ingredient against skin aging and the risks associated with its use. The various forms of Vitamin A are illustrated, and their usage explained. The two doctors discuss how Vitamin A plays a role in sunscreens in maintaining the delicate balance of Vitamin D production in the skin against the risk of skin cancer.


All this vital information is available to skin professionals so that it can be shared with patients and clients to promote the benefits of healthier skin.


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