Skin Care Ingredients – Prof. Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen – Printed Book



In order to understand which ingredients to use for a client’s skin, it’s important to know how they behave in the skin and why they are able to make changes (if they are). Simply saying, ‘improves the visible signs of aging’ is no longer enough for a wary and well-educated public that asks ‘how’ and ‘why’.
This book lays out the chemistry, and some of the research, behind the most efficacious and important ingredients for the skin and explains the processes and chemical reactions that the ingredients undergo once they have been released on the skin. The book’s aim is to provide accurate, scientific information in a simple and easy to read way.

Dr Des Fernandes and renowned author of several books on skin science says: “I think the worst mistake made by doctors is to think that all cosmetic creams are useless. Of course, most cosmetics do not contain active doses of effective ingredients, but doctors should be aware of products that do.”

Dr Ernst Eiselen, co-author of ‘Vitamin A Skin Science’, says: “The science of vitamin A in human existence provides the story of how stem cells in the skin are able to maintain good skin, or repair damaged skin. The information is accurate, accessible and entirely evidence based. Not much mystery surrounds the actions of Vitamins A, C and E in the dynamics of skin structure and physiology. This is skin science – not skin science fiction.”

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